Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest  FAX FORM for CREDIT CARD ORDERS

 FAX to 858-300-5095         DATE    ___________     

IF POSSIBLE,  Please copy and paste this page into word processor to fill out, then FAX,  MAIL, or EMAIL as Word.doc attachment to [email protected] .  By hand,  print CAREFULLY so I can read your FAX !!  Add a 2nd page if necessary.  

1st Name ________________________   Last Name ___________________________

Email Address ____________________ 2nd Email as backup _____________________

Home Phone _______________________    Daytime Phone ______________________

Credit Card Billing Address:   Street _________________________________________

City ___________________________  State _____________________ZIP _________

Country _________SHIPPING Address: Street __________________________________

City ______________________________  State ______________________ ZIP _______

Country __________    Shipping Contact / phone _________________________________

Please List  1)  Purchase Items 2) Price 3) Color you prefer (if there is a choice)




US Shipments:  Standard CameraQuest shipping within the USA is USPS insured priority mail.   Your postman will deliver the package.  Average time to the East Coast from Los Angeles is 3 to 4 days.  The minimum shipping / handling fee within the US is $8 for items smaller than a lens,  $15 for one lens or one camera body, $25 for one camera body and up to four lenses.   Once shipped by USPS, you should receive a USPS email with the tracking number which allows online tracking at   USPS Express Mail and Fed Ex are both extra cost options.  LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: Free shipping within the USA on NEW Voigtlander order over $200 placed through this site!

Visa/MC/Discover (no AMEX) __________-__________-__________-__________ 

Last 3 Numbers Back of Card  __________  Expiration Date _____ / _____