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New Voigtlander 12/5.6 V2 M mount Lens  ORDER Leica M Lenses HERE

  Orders received by 3:30 PM California time Mon-Fri usually shipped the same day.

Free Next Day USA shipping to most lower 48 locations by USPS Express Mail 

IN STOCK! Lens $699 New Improved 12mm Viewfinder $344

New M mount Voigtlander 12/5.6 and new 12mm Viewfinder mounted on 250th Anniversary Voigtlander R2M


In use the new Voigtlander M mount 12/5.6 handles better than the screw mount version, and of course now offers rangefinder coupling and can easily use filters - without the filter adapter necessary on the earlier screw mount version.  The new 12mm viewfinder is much improved with a brighter, easy to see image as well as a brightline.  On the other hand, the screw mount 12/5.6 costs less while stocks remain and is usable on screw mount cameras - something not possible with M mount lenses. 


Size Comparison: Old vs New 12mm Viewfinders, Screw mount 12 and M mount 12mm and both version viewfinders


The smaller format Leica M8/8.2 as well as the Epson RD1 can use the Voigtlander 15-35 Zoomfinder with 12mm or 15mm lenses!  

Size comparison: Voigtlander M 15/4.5 vs Voigtlander M 12/5.6

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