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 Epson RD-1 Half Cases by Mr. Zhou 

Quality Soft Leather Sale $45  ORDER HERE


These are beautifully made stitched soft leather cases designed by photographers to protect your camera while at the same time helping you get a good grip on your camera,

without wasting your money by charging you high prices.  For sale is one Black RD half case as pictured here.  No camera, lens, or strap is included.




The case uses snaps to go around the camera's lug straps.  There is no back flap to get lost or get in the way of your picture taking. 

You CAN reverse the LCD and still keep your RD in the RFF case if you like.




These are relatively thin, soft leather cases.  The case feels good in your hand while protecting BOTH your camera and your pocketbook!


Home  Camera Articles   FOR SALE     I Buy / Wants     Repairs     Books   Adapters

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