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EPSON R-D1 Accessories


Ricoh GXR M and Sony NEX have the same sensor size as the Epson R-D1 - so the RD viewfinders & Zoomfinder are equally usable

on the Ricoh GXR M and Sony NEX with the same RD 1.5x crop factor compared to a full frame 35 camera!


Voigtlander Zoomfinder A 15-35 Multi-Format including RD1

Voigtlander RD 12mm, 15mm, 25mm Viewfinders are long discontinued



The Cosina made Epson RD-1 has generated a lot of interest as photography's first digital interchangeable lens rangefinder -- and a Leica M mount rangefinder at that!1   However, in that excitement it is easy to forget that as shipped, the R-D1 is only a three lens camera as it only has three built in framelines: 25, 35, and 50.  Epson RD-1  Epson RD-1  Epson RD-1

No problem you say, "I'll just use my Leica M accessory finders."  Not so fast, Barnack.  The problem is that standard 35mm format finders don't show the field of view for the R-D1's digital sensor. OK, you can play around with different accessory finder combinations and hope for the best, but to get the best tools for the job, you need finders that show the correct field of view.

Mr. K of Cosina to the rescue, da da da dah.....  Epson RD-1  Epson RD-1  Epson RD-1

 These viewfinders are designed to work with the also made by Cosina Voigtlander 12/5.6 & 15/4.5  Leica Screw Mount lenses.   All three will work fine on your R-D1 just by adding the standard Leica designed screw mount to M adapter.   The viewfinders will also work well with other 12, 15, and 21 lenses from other manufacturers.  However as this is written,  there are no other new 12 or 15 Leica mount RF lenses available for sale - although the new Zeiss Ikon 15/2.8 will be available soon for about $3700.  The math on which 15 is the best buy is up to you.



Voigtlander Zoomfinder A 15-35 Multi Format  


Type A Multi-Format for full frame 35mm film and M9

 1.3x Leica M8/8.2 and 1.5x Epson RD-1, Sony NEX and Ricoh GXR-M!





The Zoomfinder's eyepiece has built in diopter adjustment.  The foot has a locking ring to lock the finder in place upon your camera.

FIVE for ONE!  The 15-35 Zoomfinder has the same function as five separate finders: 15, 21, 25, 28, and 35!

The smaller format Leica M8/8.2 as well as the Epson RD1 can use the Voigtlander 15-35 Zoomfinder with 12mm or 15mm lenses!


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