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Thanks for visiting.   As a camera dealer, collector and photographer, I've developed my own list of favorite cameras/lenses/accessories. These are some of them.    This page is under continual construction and updating.   At any one  time, at least 10 new pages are under preparation.    Older pages are sometimes updated, so if you like one of the profiles, re-visit it occasionally.      Stephen Gandy,  Los Angeles

IMPORTANT:  ALL MATERIAL AT THIS SITE, both images and text ARE COPYRIGHTED.  In practical terms this means while you are welcome to use my work for personal use,   you can NOT for ANY reason copy and republish this material in any way whatsoever, including any re-use and posting of my materials on the internet for ANY purpose.  If you feel a need to refer my material, give a URL saying in effect "More information can be found at CameraQuest."    

Epson R-D1 Web Repository

May 2011:  CameraQuest is the proud new home of the Epson R-D1 Web Repository written by Rich Cutler! CLICK HERE!

35mm Rangefinders in General

Nikon Rangefinder

Contax Rangefinder

Nikon SLRs

Uli Koch's Nikon F Trilogy, by FAR the best reference book on the Nikon F EVER.  If you are a serious Nikon collector, BUY IT!  

Leica Rangefinder M and Screw Mount Serial Numbers   

LEICA SERIAL NUMBERS:   Leica Serial Number data  is courtesy of Leica.   I've organized it in several ways, editing and color coding the tables to enhance clarity. 

It answers many questions, but like all Leica lists, does not answer everything.   In what may be a first, most Leica Birthdays are listed too -- another reason to have a party!

Leica Ponderings 

Leica M Rangefinder

Leica Accessories 

 Leica Screw Mount "Barnack Cameras" 

 Pre-Leica 35mm Cameras 

Leica SLRs

Cosina Voigtlander Cameras, Lenses and Accessories  


New Japanese Leica Screw Mount and M Mount Cameras / Lenses 

Lens Adapters    

Classic pre-1972 Leica Copies and Lenses    

Compact 35's

American Cameras

35mm SLRs

Exakta: inventor of the modern 35 SLR

Classic and Unusual 35mm Lenses

Submini: half-frame and smaller

120 and Larger Format

Digital Cameras - OK, its a small section, but I'm not all that sure digital will last ...

Collector's and User's Groups

On Photography

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