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F401.jpg (1326853 bytes)  Nikon F 40th Anniversary Book

The fastest growing part of Nikon collecting, and the least documented.  This is a RARE Japanese 144 page soft cover book published in 1999 to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Nikon F.  Most of it is about the F, but there are other articles as well.

What is neat about the book, even if you don't read Japanese like me, is the incredible number of detailed pics showing different variations of major, and minor parts of the Nikon F system such as camera bodies and lenses.... and even down to lens shades, instruction books,  and even boxes.

If you are a serious Nikon collector, you need this book because for collectors, knowledge is money.  It can help keep you from making mistakes by buying the wrong thing,  or help you get something you were unaware of.

This book is rare in Japan because it was a quick sell out in most camera shops. These books are new, but are from camera shops and show minor shelf wear.


I was just able to get a few of these, when they are gone, they are gone. $125

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