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Leica M6 TTL Green Millenium

 After Leica announced their black paint M6 Millenium, a special order was placed by a Hong Kong dealer for their own version of the Millenium with a .85 finder.    Of course, I do the same thing all the time, in my dreams.   I think the greens turned out  more attractive than the black paint version.     By the way, this camera is usually called the "M6 Safari" or simply "Green M6."   Though not officially known as the "Green M6 Millenium," that is exactly what it is. 


Only 300 were made, compared to 2000 of the black paint Millenium.  Besides the usual serial number, this accessory also proclaims "172-300" -- or the 172nd of 300.   Notice the M3 style rewind and advance lever.    Oddly the green Millenium is MUCH better finished than the black paint Milleniums' I have seen.

 Why? easy.  The idea of a black paint M6 started out as the black paint LHSA M6.  Once Leica realized those LHSA guys really had an idea that would sell, the black paint Millenium was born and introduced before the black paint LHSA.  

I digress. Before the black paint Millenium, it had been DECADES since Leica produced paint finish Ms.   Leica had a lot of problems getting the paint finish right, problems which you can see in many black paint Milleniums'.   The paint is often too thin, with machining marks showing underneath the paint.  With lots more practice, Leica got it right on the green M6.  The paint is beautifully done, much better than their black paint cousins.


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