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 Use SLR wide angles on your Leica M Mount Rangefinder

Mount your SLR wide angle lenses on Leica M cameras!   Perfect to use SLR wide angles on your Leica, infinity focus, no glass in adapter to degrade image. 

 These are most practical with wide angles, but can also be used with teles and zooms if you focus very carefully using the distance scale.   There is NO rangefinder coupling.  TTL flash or ambient metering will still work - if you RF body offers that feature.

 TRIVIA: Why is that not so great pic of the M6 and 20mm Nikkor lens on my web site?  See end of page.


SLR Lens to Leica M Body Adapters - best for scale focusing wide angles



Precision fit Rayqual Lens Adapters. Mount your Nikon F (with aperture rings), Olympus OM, Leica R, Pentax K or KA (with aperture rings), Canon FD / FL, or Contax / Yashica lenses on your Leica M bodies. Scale focus using the lens distance scale. This works best with wide angle lenses offering more depth of field, but it also works with longer lenses at infinity focus. Mounts on ANY Leica M mount camera (film or digital). Brings up the 50mm frameline, so you will most likely need an accessory viewfinder. Specify which lens mount you require.  NOT for Nikon G, Pentax DA, or Contax G series lenses.

Rayqual Canon FD / FL to Leica M Body (scale focus)   $199  Sale $175

Rayqual Contax / Yashica Lens to Leica M Body (scale focus)   $199  Sale $175

Rayqual Leica R Lens to Leica M Body (scale focus) $199  Sale $175

Rayqual Nikon F Lens to Leica M Body (scale focus)   $199  Sale $175

Rayqual Olympus OM Lens to Leica M Body (scale focus)   $199  Sale $175  

Rayqual Pentax K / KA Lens to Leica M Body (scale focus)  $199  Sale $175

  Rayqual Nikon F to  Leica M  Mount adapter. 

Pentax K / KA lenses with aperture rings to Leica M body

Olympus OM lenses to Leica M Body

Canon FD / FL lenses to Leica M body

These are new, very well made adapters to use SLR lenses on Leica M mount cameras.     There is no rangefinder coupling,  but TTL metering is maintained.  The adapter brings up the 50mm frameline.  You will most likely want to us an accessory viewfinder matching the focal length of the adapted lens.

Why use it?  To increase your system's versatility, reduce investment.  Wide angles are very usable without the rangefinder coupling due to their great depth of field.   Just use scale focusing on the focusing mount, and you will seldom find yourself out of focus.   If you have a 18, 20, 24, or 28 in your SLR bag that you are happy with, do you really need to spend the extra bucks to get one in Leica mount?    In use the adapter snaps on with precision, though I do wish the spring on the Nikon release was a bit stronger.

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Trivia: Because its one of the first pics of CameraQuest's web site!  It was taken in 1998 with the incredibly high tech Sony Mavica digital camera recording on 3.5 1.4 MB floppy disks!   The Nikon F to Leica M adapter was the first adapter offered at CameraQuest.

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