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"Gold' Argus A

Following Leica's lead,  from the start Argus offered the A in several collector's colors:  ivory, gold, olive and gray.  The white is apparently the rarest, with the gold close behind.  I like the "Gold" aka Brass version. 

To me  it's the Argus Luxus --   the prettiest Argus.

wpe1F6.jpg (28047 bytes) wpe208.jpg (24204 bytes)

wpe1F4.jpg (28187 bytes)    wpe1DF.jpg (26331 bytes)

That's the advance knob on the top left, and the rewind knob on the bottom right.  Note the sleek,  clean design with the lack of tripod socket and strap lugs.   The Argus Home Page says that 30,000 A's were sold in the first week,  among them this # 13286!

wpe207.jpg (23138 bytes)   wpe202.jpg (26936 bytes)

Lens in collapsed and extended position.  Woe to the photog in a hurry who did not extend the lens to take their pic.

   wpe1F8.jpg (28147 bytes)        wpe1DD.jpg (25355 bytes)


Although often referred to as an Art Deco design, the Argus A  may have been more influenced by the work of Art's brother,  Fred Deco.

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