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US Navy Canon F1n

The US Navy has used Canon F1's and AE-1's for a number of years.  You will be happy to know that Navy photogs are given special instructions to carefully take care of their equipment, just for the sake of future ownership by a camera collector (ha ha ha ha).  The truth is that military photogs are very hard on their equipment, most simply don't care -- they don't have to pay for it after all.    The quickest way to spot a fake US military camera is if it's in too nice a condition. 


wpe4D.jpg (23405 bytes)  wpe4E.jpg (15430 bytes)

US Navy engraved F1n


 wpe46.jpg (24495 bytes)  wpe4C.jpg (14643 bytes)

Sticker on bottom of motor drive, sticker on bottom of F1

    wpe49.jpg (28649 bytes)     wpe45.jpg (24790 bytes)

Various US Navy engravings and stickers for inventory control.   This particular kit had a 28/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.8 and 200/2.8.   However, US Navy F1 kits vary widely and there seems to be no standard kit.

wpe4B.jpg (27381 bytes)  wpe4A.jpg (15235 bytes)


One of the most interesting things   from a collector's standpoint is bar-coded stickers used for inventory control.   Apparently camera equipment is bought from any number of sources, including official military contracts and if need be, the local camera store.  While US Navy Nikon cameras and lenses are rare and high priced, US Navy Canon equipment usually sells for a very small premium above usual  used prices.  I have no estimated production or contract figures, but I do know from experience Canons are the easiest to find US Navy cameras.


wpe47.jpg (31572 bytes)

This  is the label for the aluminum carrying case.

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