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   Ducati: Great Italian Half-frame Mini "Leica"

Leica never made a production small bodied half frame interchangeable rangefinder.   If they had, it may have looked a lot like the wonderful rare Ducati of Bologna Italy whose production spanned W.W.II.    Yep, you guessed it, these are same folks who later made quite a name for themselves in motor bikes.

Imagine a 2/3 scale Leica, that's the Ducati "Sogno" (the Dream).  This is an amazing little camera, with focal plane shutter, interchangeable bayonet lenses, coupled rangefinder focusing, and beautiful workmanship -- kind of a miniaturized Leica.   Both Leica and Nikon made special half frame rangefinders based upon the regular full size rangefinder  bodies.  If the Ducati Sogno  is not the premier small bodied interchangeable lens half frame rangefinder,  I would like to know what is.

Ducati models:   

All shared the same basic body with focal plane shutter and removable back, taking special Ducati 15 frame half frame 18mm x 24mm 35mm film cartridges.   Illustrated is the OR 6401.1 Sogno.


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Ducati Lens Line:

OD6409.1 Dugon 19/6.3   Collapsible

OD6406.2 Argon 28/4  Collapsible

OD 6401.2 Vitor 35/2.8  Collapsible standard lens

OD 6401.1 Vitor 35/3.5  Collapsible standard lens

OD 6404.1 Eltor 40/2  Rigid

OD 6405.1 Luxtor 40/1.5  Rigid   (the rarest Ducati Lens)

OD6403.1 Lator 60/2.8  Rigid

OD 6408.1 Teletor 120/5.6  Rigid

19/6.3 Dugon

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Teletor 120/5.6

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Ducati lens shade, 40/60/120 finder code OR 2404.2,  camera case


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As an American collector I've found  Ducati cameras extremely rare in the US.    I've only seen two, neither of which had accessory lenses or even the mandatory Ducati film cassette  needed to shoot the camera.   All the pictures and most of the information here were supplied by Ducati super collector Gianni Medici.   He lives within footsteps of  the original Ducati factory in Bologna, Italy and has interviewed retired Ducati workers who helped produce the cameras.  All Ducati pics on this page are Copyright 1999 by Gianni Medici. 

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