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    Exakta 180/2.8 Zeiss Olympia

fast early 50's telephoto

The famous Zeiss 180/2.8 Olympia was made in many mounts and variations.  The Contax RF and later versions have separate profiles.   This early 1950's Exakta mount Olympia is basically the same lens as the much more expensive Contax RF lens, just in an Exakta mount.  One of the joys of Exakta collecting is that prices are often far lower than many other collectible cameras. 


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Note the very heavy duty construction, no plastic in this lens. This lens has a large rotating tripod mount.  This is a pre-set lens.  The photog selects the shooting aperture in the aperture window.   The outside aperture ring shows the f/stop set at the moment. Rotating the pre-set aperture ring stop the lens at the pre-set aperture, in this case f/4.

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Lens weighs just under a petite 3 pounds,  filter size is an economical 77mm,  f/stops 2.8 to 32, close focus just under 5 feet.    These 1950's Olympia's are engraved "Carl Zeiss Jena,"  having been made in East Germany.  In case of fire, the Olympia can be used to break down walls.

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