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1904 Ernemann Klapp Tropical

Tropical cameras were made for the wet muggy weather of the Tropics where conventional leather covered cameras would mildew.  They are heavily prized today for their beautiful wood and workmanship.

This is 1904 Ernemann Tropical Klapp camera is 10x15 cm format.  It is very ingeniously designed to collapse into a tidy traveling size.  It's focal plane shutter has a marked  high speed of 1/2500th -- though I doubt if it obtains it.   Lens is a 165/4.5 Zeiss Tessar in helical focusing mount.  Lens movement is limited to a rising front.    The amazing folding leather focusing hood would make even modern cameras proud.   It was made in Dresden, a major pre-war German photographic center. 

wpe3C3.jpg (11704 bytes)     wpe3E6.jpg (9412 bytes)


The camera front in closed position.   The "Ernemann" nametag and cabinet work on the top.

 wpe3E7.jpg (8371 bytes)   wpe3F1.jpg (9446 bytes)  

The shutter speed focal plane shutter assembly.     Top of the camera in collapsed position.  Note finder.

         wpe3F3.jpg (10758 bytes)  wpe3F5.jpg (8666 bytes)

Camera top, viewfinder  and bellows in taking position.   Note bellows struts.

 wpe3F6.jpg (8536 bytes)  wpe3F7.jpg (8897 bytes)

Lens in close focus position showing helical, in rise position.     Camera back in closed position.


 wpe3F8.jpg (7864 bytes)   wpe3F9.jpg (7312 bytes)

Ingenious leather focusing hood in partially open, and fully open position.

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