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Ihagee Exakta Enlarger

enl1.jpg (363135 bytes)      enl1.jpg (363135 bytes)

In the US at least, any Ihagee enlarger is very hard to find.   So far this is the only one I have ever encountered.   The film holding guides are spring loaded and connected to the bottom half of what serves as the glass negative carrier.  Pushing down on the film guides allows roll film to be inserted.   Release the film guides and a spring forces the negative upward to make contact with the bottom of the condenser.    The enlarging base looks a bit lightweight, but is labeled "Made In Germany," so presumed original.     The lamp housing can rotate 90 degrees for big enlargements on the wall.   An unusual feature is the large wooden traveling case the enlarger fits into -- without the enlarger being disassembled.   It seems to be original, though I am not sure.   The original wiring has been replaced, no doubt to prevent unpleasant surprises with worn wires.

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This enlarger seems very similar to the Lumimax enlarger listed in in a 1938 Exakta catalog, where it is called the "Kine-Exakta-Projection Lumimax."

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The film is held flat by the springs underneath the film guides, holding the film upward and firmly against the  bottom of the condenser.    The film gate measures 55mm x 63mm.   Glass masks were available for 24x36mm and 3x4cm, as well as a "sliding lantern slide carrier" for 4.5x6m and 5x5cm.


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Unfortunately made before the today's superior modern plastics, Ihagee had to make do with using stainless steel in the lower half of enlarger body.

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The large helical is easily turned for precision focusing throughout its range. he enlarging lens is the fabled legendary 75/4.5 Jhagee-Anastigmat, # 106800.  Note the milled stainless steel focusing collar.  The enlarger in 1938 catalog has instead a wooden disk which is used for focusing.

Different Models



Exakta Collecting

Unlike Leica collecting, where practically everything seems to be known and documented, Exakta collecting still has many new and undocumented territories.   It adds to the fun quite a bit for even a beginning collector to be able to find something relatively unknown.   An enlarger like this is quite rare in the US.  How rare ?  Even a super experienced Exakta collector like Miles Upton, the owner of the Exakta mailing list, has not seen one before. 

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