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Fuji Natura S: Compact AF Film Camera with 24/1.9 Lens!

The smallest full frame 35mm Camera with a f/1.9 or faster lens?  Probably . . . so far I have not been able to find a smaller 35mm full frame film camera with such a fast lens.  Alas, the Fuji Natura S is discontinued and sold out, on its way to quickly becoming a sought after cult camera.

 Trivia: 1) What was the first famous and successful low available light camera?   2) What was the first production faster than f/2 35mm full frame format lens?

The Fuji Natura S is a unique compact fixed lens compact AF 35mm film camera with a sharp multicoated 24/1.9 Fuji EBC lens for available light photography.   The Natura S  is now discontinued, so get them while you still can!  I believe only two full frame 24mm lenses were ever faster, the Canon 24/1.4 and the Sigma 24/1.8!  I have been a fan of Fujinon EBC lenses ever since Fujica's entry into the M42 screw mount 35mm SLR derby with their imaginative Fujica 701, 801, 901 etc.  I assembled an almost complete set of Fujica screw mount lenses for the eventual article.   If you are the proud owner of a Fujinon 1000/8 in screw mount, let me know!

You have your choice of three nifty Natura S colors:  Aqua, Rose, or Lavender!  Or at least that is what Fuji calls the available finishes.  In reality they look more like silver with Aqua, Rose, or Lavender tints.

So far as I know, this camera was never officially exported outside of Japan.  Predictably the instruction booklet is in Japanese.  Luckily the instruction booklet is well illustrated and not that difficult to figure out.

It is very unusual for any compact AF 35mm camera to have a f/2 or faster lens, of ANY focal length.  A fast wider than 35mm lens on a compact AF film camera is even rarer.  Fuji succeeded admirably in giving the 35mm film photographer a unique wide angle compact AF available light camera with the Natura S.

Fuji Natura S Features include:


Fast Lens / Small Camera

40 Years does make a difference in camera technology.  Take at a look at the same small camera fast lens idea from 1964, the Olympus D2 with half frame format, scale focusing, non coupled meter and 32/1.9 lens.

Trivia: 1) 1924 Ernemann Ermanox 4.5cm x 6cm glass plate camera with 100/2 Ernostar lens made famous by the low light photography of Dr. Erich Salomon   2) 1932 uncoated Zeiss 50/1.5 Sonnar for the Zeiss Contax I rangefinder

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