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CameraQuest Special Web Effects

Ever wanting to keep up to the latest trends in Web Design, these directions are for those visitors wishing to enjoy the latest trends in web design  at CameraQuest:

FOR FRAMES: take a piece of cardboard and hold up to the left edge of the screen, to squeeze in the text and pictures into a smaller area so as to make text and pictures more difficult to read and interpret.

FOR MOVING JAVA SCRIPTS: Set up computer table in middle of large room.  Built toy train track around computer.   Strap computer monitor with extra long cord onto toy train.   Strap your head into vise looking at fixed position of track, switch on the toy train and like magic the words on the monitor will move before your eyes.   If you  want to be super trendy,    run train in reverse.   Remember to surf to site at least 30 seconds after you wanted to view the material,  to approximate the slower loading of Java Script.

FOR SQUIGGLY LITTLE SIGNS THAT CHANGE SIZE AND ROTATE:  Suspend computer monitor from pendulum approximately eight feet long.   Set up computer chair facing the directional swing of the pendulum.    Strap computer chair inside a motorized cage which rotates 360 degrees at a 180 degree angle to the pendulum swing.   Start pendulum and computer,   strap yourself into the rotating computer chair, switch it on.  You will soon have no trouble at all seeing all sorts of moving, changing signs on the computer screen....and everywhere else for that matter.

FOR SHOOTING STARS: Bang your head into the nearest wall.  This special effect even works without the monitor being switched on!

Gee, glad I could help.  Enjoy the latest Web trends at CameraQuest.

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