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For the Image Conscious Wanna Be Photog

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Tired of REAL photogs making fun of all of your new cameras that look like they have never taken a picture?

The answer to your problem: Brassed worn cameras specially made to give you that sought after "Pro" image. 

Arguably the best mechanical 35 SLR ever made, this Nikon F2 will make  you will look the part of an experienced  photojournalist....or at least the camera will.

  Back is well brassed for that "professional" look.  Imagine the fun you will have telling the  locals about the time in the jungle when....but that's another story.   Don't forget about the dent in the camera when you had to hit the border guard....

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Add the MD-1 Motor, and you are definitely in Pro Territory, ready to fool anybody -- at least until you have to show your pictures. 

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wpe33C.jpg (19105 bytes)    wpe338.jpg (19649 bytes)

With its mechanical complexity and whirling professional sounds, the MD-1 will quickly give you the image you need with that model to get where you really want to go.

Ah yes, the value of Image and Professionalism... there ain't nothing like it!  If you can't be a real Pro, at least look like one!

(if you haven't figured it out yet, this advertising ploy sells one hell of a lot of new cameras)

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