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Konica Auto S3

Compact 35RF with fast sharp lens,   Nice VF and RF, advanced ambient light balancing auto GN Flash system, Shutter Priority only.





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The Plus Side


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You set the shutter speed, the camera sets the aperture.  Guide number flash system gives accurate flash exposures with manual flash units.     Set film speed with small lever on bottom of lens.  Set GN number with larger lever on bottom of lens.  The GN number is indicated next to the focusing scale.   

Konica S3 Accessories:

The Negative


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The winning points of the S3 are the nice RF/VF for this class of camera, its unique flash system, and its sharp lens.     The slightly wider 38 is preferable in my mind to the standard 40mm lenses in this camera class.  Though the body is very similar to the Minolta 7sII, Konica has installed a superior RF/VF system and an important ambient light balancing GN Flash system, at the cost of manual over-ride.  This is one of the nicest compact 35RF cameras.

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