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The Eyes of Leica are Upon You....

Leica M4 "Austin Powers Commemorative"

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Why have an ordinary Leica like everyone else's, when with a little imagination and paint, you can have a unique Leica, a work of art ?  Why indeed.  This camera left the factory as a plain Jane black chrome M4, and somewhere over the last 30 years or so became a star, of sorts. Unfortunately I don't know the history of this camera and the story behind it, though one CameraQuest spy believes it came from Australia, and is seeking to discover the secret details.  At one time it mounted a 35/1.4 Summilux and shade with matching decoration, but those were sold before I happened upon this unique Leonardo like work of inspiration.


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My favorite, the little Mermaid.

OK, so this camera really doesn't have anything to do with that great spy Austin Powers, but I think the artist captured the fun spirit of the motion picture.  Like Austin, this camera has the power to stop people dead in their tracks, mouths agape in wondering disbelief, no doubt a legend in its own mind...eh or is that film cartridge ?

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