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Little Known Variation

M4-P with M6 Windows and M6 Sync Posts

If you happen to have an M4-P with M6 windows, please email me the serial #, as well as

 stating whether its black, chrome, "Panda," single or duel sync posts.   I will be equally interested if you have a M4-P in the serial #'s listed below which is NOT M6 windows.   

Thanks,   Stephen Gandy

One of the rarer M4-P's has received very little publicity. Its a M4-P with M6 type flush windows. How to tell the difference? The M4-P's normally have recessed windows, the M6 windows are flush with the top plate.   The most interesting thing about it is that the top plates for these cameras are zinc, like the M6! Apparently Leica was testing the M6 zinc top plate on the M4-P.

Update 1/98   As pointed out to me by Mr. John Lee who received the information from Leica, from serial # 1650026 M4-P's had the  a single sync post, like the M6.  This means that the last 2223 M4-P's, mostly black but with a few chrome mixed in, had the single post M6 sync. 

Until better informtion comes along, it appears that the M4P w/M6 windows started in 1984 when the M6 was introduced and was produced though the last three batches of M4-P. Out of a total of 4196 cameras,  1973 of them had dual sync posts and 2223 of them single M6 type sync posts.

Note that all  of these numbers are listed as being black cameras, yet a number of chrome cameras has turned up in this group.  All Leica factory numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt.   While they are generally correct, they are also famous for being incorrect.

The chrome M4-P with M6 windows is the rarest of this group, with the "Panda" version perhaps even rarer.  However, keep in mind that anyone can turn a full chrome M4-P into a "Panda" with just a few black parts.

1642551 - 1643750   1199 M4-P  1984       Dual Sync Posts

1649251 - 1650025   774  M4-P   1984/5    Dual Sync Posts

                         1973 M4-P's w/ M6 windows & Dual Sync Posts

1650026 - 1651250 1224 M4-P   1984/5  Single M6 Sync Post

1691951 - 1692950   999 M4-P   1984/5  Single M6 Sync Post

                               2223   M4-P's w/ M6 windows & Single Sync Posts

                               4196 Total? 

Intermixed in this group are the last 1000 M4-P's which were actually assembled at Wetzlar, after M6 production had started.   Serial numbers 1691951 to 1692950.


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