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It's Mighty Camera!!

Probably the first commercially successful Japanese cameras produced after W.W.II  were tiny midget "toy" cameras such as this  MIGHTY.     At the time,  the Japanese were understandably hard pressed to produce anything with their burned out industrial base.   These simple to make Midget cameras, also known as HIT cameras after the most popular of their kind,  used paper backed 17.5mm film.  Amazingly enough, they would really take pictures.  They were also undeniably cute and easily sold to American servicemen.   HIT cameras could often be found at the back of various comic and science magazines, for about $5.   Kids loved them, even if they seldom had the expertise to develop the film and actually produce a picture.  Most of these cameras are marked "Made in Occupied Japan," relics of General MacArthur's stewardship. 

My own midget favorite is the fabulous MIGHTY produced by Toko Photo Works in 1947.    Not content to make an average midget, the MIGHTY has a host of "professional" features:

wpe100.jpg (28091 bytes)

The fabulous MIGHTY TELEPHOTO clamped onto the fixed normal lens.  You guessed it, larger than life size.

wpe6B.jpg (36411 bytes)    wpe7D.jpg (32369 bytes)

Here we see the pro gadget bag, and the not so quick loading film cassette.  Note the  hole in the cassette insert to allow viewing of the frame number on the paper backing through the little red window.

wpeB0.jpg (34152 bytes)

The 35mm film cartridge gives you an idea of the diminutive size of the MIGHTY CAMERA.  Everything packaged away in the gadget bag is smaller than a pack of cigarettes -- and a lot less dangerous!! 

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