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Nikon F2 750 Exposure Back

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Small it ain't.   Big it is.    750 Exposure film backs are far and few between.    The original owner   was told at the time only 20 MF-2's were sold to the entire US civilian market!  The modest 1980 list prices of $4887 for the MF-2 back,   $216.50 for each 750 cassette,  $475 for the MA-4 power pack, and $38.50 for the connecting MC-2 power cord, all help explain this Nikon accessory's extreme rarity.

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The back swings on the far left hand hinge, and unlatches on the far right hand side.


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The F2 body, along with the MD1 or MD2 motor, slides into the front of the MF-2 frame, and is locked into place by lever which rotates around the top left film cassette knob.   Power is supplied by the AC power unit MA-4 with the MC-2 power cord, connecting to terminal on the front of the motor.    While the 750 back is very special, it   mounted to any F2 body with MD-1 or MD-2 motor.  Shown mounted is a black F2S body and MD-1 motor.   

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The motordrive controls on the back of the MF-2 have a shutter lock, as well as continuous click stopped motor speeds of 1, 2, 3, 4 between 1/80th to 1/2000th, and single exposures between 1 - 1/2000th plus B.   These controls supercede the controls on the back of the motordrive, which are hidden when the drive is inserted into the MF-2 frame.  The plug from the MF-2 to the motor allows the MF-2 to take over motordrive controls.   The "Single, Continuous, Lock" functions of the front motordrive hand grip would still work.   The serial number is engraved on the back below the "MF-2," as well as stenciled in with white paint on the inside of the very large back door.   That front trigger unit was also detachable, allowing for remote control of the unit with a connecting cord.    The intervalometer MT-1 could also be used with the 750 back, along with the various Nikon wireless radio control devices.   The film counter is located on the top right of the MF-2 back. 

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The grey thing  in the middle of the pic is the grey rubber bumper on the body locking mechanism.  It locks down, closing the body into the MF-2 frame.  The chrome knob is the top of the film cutting knife.  Unscrew the knob, raise the knob, and you cut the film running through the camera,  allowing only part of the 750 shot roll to be developed -- a standard feature of the Exakta VX. 


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The lever rotating around the large chrome knob locks the F2 body into the MF-2 frame.   The three piece MZ-2 cassettes compared with a standard 35mm cassette.    The large top controls knobs on each end of the MF-2 open and close the 750 film cassettes.  The smaller knobs on the bottom, below the cassettes, pull down to remove the cassettes.

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MF-2  750 Exposure Back with MZ-2 Cassettes.    MF-2 production is unknown, but obviously very limited.  This one is # 601244.   IF you have a 750 back, please email me the serial #.  Thanks.     So far as I know, the Nikon F2 750 back and the Alpa 800 back were the largest exposure backs offered to the public by any 35mm SLR manufacturer.


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