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Nikon F & F2 Focusing Screens

F and F2 Screens are completely interchangeable (Yeah!) but not with other F cameras. Both cameras show 100% of the frame in the finder, a rare thing which can sometimes be very important.

How to Remove Screens: First remove the finder. Then turn the camera upside down and push the finder release button. The finder will fall out in your hand.

Nikon made something like 25 Screens for the F and F2. Some are special purpose, some are just different to try to accommodate the preferences of the photog. Luckily for you, the screens are identified on their side by their letter designation. Too bad.     I could have made a fortune identifying them. damn.

Because of brightness differences between different screens, you may have to adjust the meter dial to compensate for the brightness of the screen. Read the instructions with the screen carefully.

Most used F/F2 screens sell for $20-$50 depending upon condition, popularity, and rarity. Bright screen replacements are made by several manufacturers.

While Nikon continued to use many of the same designations in the screens for the F3/F4/F5, they are not interchangeable with each other or with the F/F2. Keep in mind these screens were made over two decades, and there are variations not listed here.

* indicates my personal favorites

Type A The standard screen usually delivered with the camera. A horizontal split image rangefinder, surrounded by round matte field.

Type B As type A, but without the RF image. Useful for close-ups and long telephotos.

Type C Cross hair for photomicrography, astrophotography, for parallax focusing method.

Type D Plain matte screen, best for long telephotos.

*Type E Useful design for careful compositions. Plain center matte spot with five intersecting horizontal lines and three vertical lines, forming a checked pattern.

Type F Matt field with center microprism spot. Bright image.

*Type G Very bright image for low light viewing. Clear non focusing field with center microprism spot. Similar to the original Leicaflex focusing screen, if you are familiar with that. Four models (G1-G4) correspond to different focal length lenses. This screen is a trip. Try it.

*Type H Microprism pattern over the entire field, except for a clear center spot. Permits quick focusing over the entire screen. Excellent for low light and moving subjects. H1-4 correspond to different focal length lenses.

Type J Center 4mm microprism design, with a 12mm circle outline to indicate centerweighted readings.

Type J A matte field with a center microprism similar to the F screen, except that microprism is smaller at 4mm in diameter.

Type K A combination of the type A (split image rangefinder) with the type J (microprism) which surrounds the RF.

Type L A variation of the type A, except that the split image is set at a 45 degree angle for either verticals or horizontals.

Type M This has double cross hairs in the center, and a marked scale on the vertical and horizontals. For low light focusing in macro situations. The scales help determine magnifications.

*Type P This screen has a central 45 degree split image rangefinder, surrounded by a microprism spot, surrounded by a larger matte field, with vertical and horizontal cross hairs through the center from edge to edge. For general photography.

Type R Basically a type E screen (checkered pattern) with a horizontal split image rangefinder. Recommended only if the maximum aperture is 3.5 to 5.6.

Type S Standard issue for the F2 Databack cameras. A Type A screen with the left hand etched to show the data imposed area.

TV Format A plain screen with the TV format area etched in.

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