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wpe6C.jpg (24406 bytes)  180/2.8 Zeiss Sonnar Post War for Exakta, Pentacon 6 

This very well made lens is the post war SLR version of the legendary Zeiss Olympia 180/2.8 lenses.   Originally designed for Hitler's 1936 Berlin Olympics, the  Zeiss 180/2.8 is famous for sharpness and color rendition.   This particular lens is a post war coated version, with  pre-set aperture   in Pentacon 6 mount for     2 1/4.   Filter size 85mm.      This example is  #6973630.     Later versions have a rubber focusing grip  with "MC" markings for multi-coating.   Earlier versions have an all black metal barrel.


wpe68.jpg (13986 bytes)  wpe69.jpg (13201 bytes)

The smaller lever on the left stops down to check depth of field.  The larger lever on the right locks the rotating tripod socket. 

wpe66.jpg (16887 bytes)   wpe67.jpg (15605 bytes)

Show is the 42mm Pentax screw mount adapter, attached over the Pentacon 6 mount.    The  lever near the rear of the lens opens up the diaphragm and sets the spring action.  The activating plunger releases it, stopping the lens down to the pre-selected aperture.     Other versions may have different cosmetics. 

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