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Aperture Priority AE with ANY Pentax Screw Mount 42mm Lens

It seems about a zillion 42mm Screw Mount SLRs were made, by about a million different manufacturers.  OK, so maybe I exaggerated a little bit.  Anyway, the standard metering for most of them was the none too popular stop down mode, because it meant a darkening of the SLR finder before you took the pic.  Some manufactures offered later 42mm mounts and lenses which were modified to allow full aperture metering, some even allow full aperture AE.  The problem is that most makers used their own system, which would NOT give full aperture metering on other cameras.

A few cameras  ingeniously were able to use ALL 42mm lenses with Aperture Priority AE exposure. They did it by taking the exposure reading  just after the lens stopped down, and just before the shutter opened.  This rather short list is useful if you are searching for a convenient AE body for your screw mount lenses.  The ones  I know about are:

The Chinons offered advanced features such as motor drive, radio control, intervolmeter, and a very advanced Data Back.


Today all of these are kind of hard to find, but they are not considered collectible or expensive cameras.  IF you have a closet full of 42mm lenses, they may well add important shooting options to your photography. 

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