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wpe1A9.jpg (38051 bytes)Rare Voigtlander 50/1.5 Nokton in Leica Mount

This is one of the rarest Voigtlander lenses, and one of the rarest Leica Screw mount lenses.  For its time in the early to mid 1950's, the 50/1.5 Nokton had the reputation of being as good,  or probably better, than any other super speed normal.


I was surprised by its large size and very heavy duty construction.  At infinity, it measures 49mm from the filter tip to the back of the lens flange.   Diameter is 51mm at the rear of the lens.  Filter size seems to be an odd 45mm.  Weight is a robust 12 1/2 oz.    The chrome barrel has an unusual heavy chrome plating, almost giving the impression it was machined out of solid steel instead of chrome plated.   It has 15 blades for that mythical   perfect circular diaphragm and  maximum "Bokeh." 

   wpe1AA.jpg (30233 bytes)  wpe1AF.jpg (34067 bytes)


wpe1B1.jpg (40776 bytes)

Despite Leica's justifiably great reputation for lens construction, the chrome M lenses of the 1950's are a notch below the Nokton's heavy duty quality, IMHO.

wpe1A8.jpg (24917 bytes) 

Size Comparison, left to right:  Canon 50/1.4, Nokton 50/1.5,  Summicron 50/2

The great majority of Noktons were made in Voigtlander Prominent mount.  A few like one this were made in Leica screw mount.   Even fewer were made in Contax mount.

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