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NHS Commemorative Voigtlander Bessa R2S

The Nikon Historical Society and CameraQuest are in the planning stages of producing the first commemorative NHS camera.   The camera will feature

Frankly, all details have not been worked out yet.   We estimate delivering the NHS cameras this summer.  If you are already an R2S owner,  cameras already sold by CameraQuest can be updated to the NHS Commemorative, with the addition of the engraving and the paperwork. 

Initially these will be offered to sale to members of NHS by NHS.   You can join at  http://www.nikonhs.org/    Eventually CameraQuest will also be offering the R2S NHS cameras to sale to the public.   However, if you are interested in Nikon rangefinders, NHS is well worth joining.    You get great quarterly magazines on historical Nikons, often presenting info that is just about impossible to find anywhere else.

Present estimated price for the NHS Commemorative is between $825 to $875.   IF you wish to place a deposit, contact Robert Rotoloni at Rotoloni@msn.com .   

This page will be updated as more info becomes available.  Please note LHSA (the Leica Historical Society of America), has produced several Leica commemorative cameras.   This the first by NHS.

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