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Incredible Zoomar 180/1.3

One of the rarest of all photographic  lenses, it's among  the fastest glass 35 format lens longer than 100mm. 


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This amazingly fast Zoomar 180/1.3 is one of the rarest photographic lenses.  Though production is unknown, its not too modest price of $2668 in 1970's dollars probably kept production well below 50.   Made in Zoomar interchangeable  mount, it would fit on movie cameras and most 35 SLRs  with the right adapter.   This six element lens weighed in at a not so petite 15 lbs, with a close focus distance of 23 feet, minimum f/stop f/22, serial # 284-0025.


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Notice the large tripod mound and folding focusing handle    Add a 1.4 x converter and you have a 252/1.8!!     Add a 2x converter and you still have a 360mm 2.6.  Zoomar actually made a converter called a "Double 35."  Amazingly, it is more than twice as fast as Nikon's closest comparable lens, the 200/2 Nikkor.


wpe4.jpg (11022 bytes)   wpe3.jpg (7530 bytes)   Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to see, much less use this fantastic lens myself.   These pictures are courtesy and the copyright of  Rob McElroy.

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Here the 180/1.3 is pictured with a Nikon F5 for size comparison.   The 180/1.3 came complete in its own special case with immense built in hood,  front lens cap, and rear lens cap.

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