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50mm f/1.1 Nikkor Leica Screw Mount

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This lens is extremely rare, production only a few hundred.  The mount and  barrel differ significantly from the Nikon mount 1.1.  Both take the same hood and front cap.    It came in it's own special case, with the only 50 mm brightline finder Nikon ever made.  With the shade's tendency to break, and the bright line's usefulness on other cameras, the 50mm f/1.1 Leica mount Nikkor is almost never encountered with its shade and finder.


So What's this funny looking thing?

wpe16A.jpg (18269 bytes)

wpe16C.jpg (23395 bytes)  wpe16B.jpg (17752 bytes)

This is the all but unobtainable 5 cm Nikon Brightline finder, made ONLY for the Screw mount 50mm f/1.1 Nikkor.  As rare as the Leica mount 1.1 is, the viewfinder is MUCH rarer.

  Apparently most were lost over the years.   Value? I'll buy as many as I can in this condition at $1000 each, believe it or not.

Brightline finders  project the outline of the lens frameline  INSIDE a larger background.  Regular finders show ONLY their field of view, without the frameline.

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