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 Voigtlander SC Lenses for Classic Nikon and Contax Rangefinders!

   Voigtlander Nikon Rangefinder Mount Lenses - most are still IN STOCK at CameraQuest!

21/4, 25/4,  35/2.5, 50/1.5, 50/3.5,  85/3.5!  ORDER HERE

I am sad to say Voigtlander SC lenses on this page for classic Nikon and Zeiss Contax Rangefinders are DISCONTINUED.   Once gone, I believe they become collectibles due to low production and because they are only modern lenses created for Classic Nikon and Contax Rangefinder -- get them while you can!  


USE your Voigtlander SC lenses - as well as ALL EXTERNAL mount classic Nikon Rangefinder and Zeiss Contax Rangefinder lenses

on the new DIGITAL SONY NEX cameras with via adapters!  ORDER HERE  

SCSET.jpg (906047 bytes)  SC211.jpg (1569320 bytes)

Above: Voigtlander SC 35/2.5, 25/3.5, and 21/4 lenses

Incredibly Cosina Voigtlander introduced the Voigtlander SC lens series for classic Nikon and Contax rangefinders in 2001, four  decades after these cameras were discontinued.  These are LIMITED production lenses.   Initially only ONE  run of each is scheduled: 900 21/4's,  800 25/4's, and 700 35/2.5's.  Alas, there was ONLY one production run due to slow sales.  

It was early June 2001 and but it seemed   like Christmas.   I  opened  a box of three new 21, 25, and 35 SC Voigtlander pre-production lenses.  After the studio shots of the lenses,   I packed up the camera bag and drove south to Long Beach for a few pics of the retired ocean liner Queen Mary and the Russian submarine now alongside  her and open for tours.  I can't be absolutely sure, but I may have been the only photog shooting the Mary that day with a set of the new SC lenses mounted on black motorized Nikon SP's.    Grin.

Shown to the right is the Voigtlander SC 21/4.   It shares the same outstanding optics as its Leica screw mount counterpart.     The original Nikon 21/4  is a very rare and expensive lens, with only about 300 being produced.   Even if you have one, the finder is mediocre.   More plentiful but still hard to find is the Zeiss 21/4.5 Biogon   for vintage Zeiss Contax rangefinders -- which will also fit the Nikon rangefinders.  Again it has a not so great finder.    Real world,  the result is that most Nikon Rangefinder shooters or collectors have never shot a 21 lens.  You can't shoot with something you can't find or can't afford.  The vintage 25/4 Nikkor is also rare, expensive and hard to find.  Cosina Voigtlander is doing a wonderful service for these classic camera owners by producing new modern affordable wide angles.   No "big" camera maker would ever think of such a thing, making lenses for such a small market.      Classic camera owners have Cosina's CEO Mr. Kobayashi to thank for this otherwise unbelievable turn of events.  A serious photographer and collector, Mr. Kobayashi appreciates the experience of classic photography equipment and is willing to go out on a limb to produce for that market -- something no other major manufacturer is willing to do. 

Voigtlander SC 21/4 mm 25/4 mm 28/3.5 mm 35/2.5 mm Shared Features

The SC 21, 25, 28 and 35 Wides fit Classic Contax Rangefinder Too !

SC35C2a.jpg (814922 bytes)

The Voigtlander 35/2.5 mounted on a post war Zeiss Contax IIa.    Nikon copied the Zeiss Contax bayonet mount and back focus, but did not use an identical rotation from close-up to infinity.  The difference is generally considered negligible in wide angles, but gave focusing problems in interchanging Nikon and Contax tele lenses.    Contax RF's make a sensible and lower cost wide angle companion body for Nikon Rangefinder shooters.

SC2125C1C2.jpg (703693 bytes)

The 21 Voigtlander on a 1932 Zeiss Contax 1a, and the 25 Voigtlander on a 1938 Contax II.


 Voigtlander 21/4 SC-Skopar with viewfinder


SC21N.jpg (44206 bytes) SC21Z21.jpg (819318 bytes)

f/4 to f/22, 43mm filter size, close focus .9 meter, weight 140 grams, 8 elements in 6 groups, same optics as Voigtlander 21/4 Leica mount lenses!  Only 900 lenses produced!

To the right is the SC 21/4 Voigtlander along side the classic Zeiss 21/4.5 Biogon for Contax rangefinders.    New SC Skopar owners will be pleased to find that  the mechanical fit and finish of these lenses is quite high in today's age of plastic.   The mount is more complicated and requires quite a bit more machining than the Leica screw mount lenses.  Everything about them from the focusing, aperture rings, and mounting works smoothly.  

SCVF2125.jpg (590573 bytes)

    The 21/4 and 25/4 are sold with superb brightline finders included.  The 25 brightline is a 1st for Voigtlander, as the 25 finder made the last few years for the Leica screw mount version of this lens is not a brightline design.    Their views are bright and clear with practically no distortion, making them a joy to use.


 Voigtlander 25/4 SC-Skopar with viewfinder


f/4 to f/22, 43mm filter size, close focus .9 meter, weight 141 grams, 7 elements in 5 groups, same optics as Voigtlander 25/4 Leica mount lenses! Only 800 lenses produced!

SC25.jpg (41282 bytes)   SC253.jpg (1477864 bytes)



Voigtlander 28/3.5 SC Skopar Sold Out  

same optics as Voigtlander 28/3.5 Leica Screw mount lenses! f/3.5 to f/22, 7 elements in 5 groups, 43mm filter, close focus .9m, weight 138grams, Only 700 lenses produced!

SC351.jpg (685125 bytes) 

The SC 28/3.5 was released September 2003.


Voigtlander 35/2.5 SC Skopar



SC35.jpg (42007 bytes) V3525P6.jpg (713526 bytes)V3525P2.jpg (974007 bytes)

f/2.5 to f/22, 43mm filter size, close focus .9 meter, weight 141 grams, 7 elements in 5 groups, same optics as Voigtlander 35/2.5 Leica mount lenses! Only 700 lenses produced!   

To the right is a Voigtlander 35/2.5 Prototype.   The amazing thing about this lens is how heavily constructed it is, just like the classic Nikon rangefinder wides.  The chrome hood are on the prototypes only, not the production lenses.

Nikon Eye Candy: an original black Nikon SP rangefinder mounting the SP motor drive  and the even rarer Jacobson SP cordless battery pack, topped off by a prototype Voigtlander SC 35/2.5!


Prototype Voigtlander 35/1.2 SC Nokton Aspherical


Voigtlander SC 35/1.2 Aspherical Prototype, production THREE!   Voigtlander R2S mounting Voigtlander 50/1.5 compared to Voigtlander SC 35/1.2.

Voigtlander Eye Candy: Three Voigtlander 35/1.2 SC Prototypes in Nikon rangefinder mount were produced by Cosina for testing and evaluation.   This is the fastest 35mm lens ever made in Nikon rangefinder mount.   Production was cancelled after SC lens sales did not meet sales expectations.  It has the same optical formula as the M mount 35/1.2, with a filter size of 52mm, round dedicated clamp on lens hood, close focus just under .9 meters, clicked f/stops 1.2 to 22 with half clicks to f/11, and a double sided aperture ring since the large size of the lens on this mount translates to a single rotating helical instead of a double helical (this means the entire lens rotates as you focus).   Where can you find these gorgeous beauties?    Well, Mr. K has one, Tom Abrahamsson has one, and I have one.  I don't think any of them will be for sale anytime soon.


Voigtlander 50/3.5 S Heliar 




the sharpest lens ever for Nikon Rangefinder!


In 2001 Voigtlander introduced the Limited Edition Bessa T 101 Heliar Sets in Leica screw mount.  The fabulous 50/3.5 Heliar turned out to be the best performing lens ever tested by Popular Photography! INFO HERE  In 2005 Cosina re-introduced the 50/3.5 Heliar in Nikon Rangefinder mount with a special R2S as the last of Cosina's  Nikon Rangefinder mount cameras and lenses.  Only 500 lenses produced!  INFO HERE  In 2009 the 50/3.5 was reintroduced in a special 600 unit limited edition Nickel Heliar Leica screw mount version. INFO HERE

The internal mount rigid 50/3.5 Heliar S has the same optical formula, lens cap, lens hood, and 27mm filter size as its Leica mount predecessor.  Unlike the earlier lens, the Heliar S does not have aperture click stops. 




Voigtlander 50/2.5 S Skopar 


7 elements in 6 groups, 43mm filter, close focus .9 meter, weight 149 grams, Only 600 lenses produced!


The SC 50/2.5 has the same glass as its Leica screw mount cousin. Notice the unusual circular cut out lens hood, which was used later on the SL II 40/2 Ultron for SLRs.  The SC 50/2.5 was released September 2003.


Voigtlander 50/1.5 S Nokton Aspherical 


  same glass as in Leica Screw mount! 

 same optics as Voigtlander 50/1.5 Leica mount lenses! Only 700 lenses produced!


To the left: Voigtlander Bessa R2s with deluxe Voigtlander camera strap, MiniSoftRelease, 50/1.5 Nokton Aspherical with standard lens hood, to the right: the 35/1.2 LH-3 lens hood also fits the 50/1.5 S Nokton

Voigtlander  Nokton 50/1.5 S Aspherical, the only Aspherical 50 ever produced in Nikon Rangefinder mount.    Introduced May 2003.  It is only the 2nd 50 made in external mount for Nikon Rangefinder, the 1st being the legendary 50/1.1 Nikkor.  Specs:  Filter size 52 mm, f/stops 1.5 to 16, close focus just under 3 feet or .9 meter, 10 aperture blades, multi-coated, very smooth focusing and aperture ring, as well as very high quality machining and finish.    Please note this lens is made in Nikon Rangefinder mount.  

Voigtlander S 85/3.5 APO-Lanthar 




85/3.5 APO-Lanthar mounted on Nikon SP

The 85/3.5 will mount the Leica 12538 Vented Hood, as well as standard hood.   The 85's standard hood interchanges with the 90/3.5 Leica screw mount standard lens hood.

Voigtlander  85/3.5 APO-Lanthar, the only APO tele lens ever  produced in Nikon Rangefinder mount.    Introduced May 2003.   Note the high quality machining.    Specs:  Filter size 39 mm, f/stops 3.5 to 22, close focus to one meter,  10 aperture blades, multi-coated, very smooth focusing and aperture ring, as well as very high quality machining and finish.   Please note this lens is made in Nikon Rangefinder mount.  Only 600 lenses produced!

Left to Right Voigtlander Nikon Rangefinder Mount Lenses: 21/4, 25/4, 35/2.5, 50/1.5, 85/3.5

For those who doubt a Rangefinder Renaissance over the last few years, take a look at these new products for classic Nikon and Zeiss Contax rangefinders (not the current G series).  Back Row, left to right: Voigtlander Bessa R2C (the first and only production TTL metering Rangefinder in classic Contax mount) mounting the new metal Voigtlander 28mm finder (in my opinion the best 28mm brightline ever), the Voigtlander Bessa R2S (the first and only production TTL metering Rangefinder in classic Nikon Rangefinder mount) mounting the Voigtlander multi-coated 21/4 with Voigtlander's unique low angle 21mm viewfinder.  Front Row: classic Zeiss Contax IIa mounting the multi-coated Voigtlander 35/2.5 with the metal Voigtlander 35mm brightline (in my opinion the best 35mm brightline ever), the Voigtlander SL 15/4.5, a classic Shintaro painted black Nikon SP with Voigtlander SL 12/5.6 with double accessory shoe and Voigtlander VC meter, the Voigtlander F-L adapter for SL 12 and 15 to Leica screw mount cameras, Nikon F SL accessory shoe, Voigtlander 21 and 25 brightline finders, and the multicoated Voigtlander 25/4 lens.      All of these new lenses and finders are quite simply the best ever produced for the classic Nikon and Contax rangefinder cameras.  Cosina's CEO Mr. Kobayashi has given classic camera fans new choices long after the original manufacturers abandoned their customers.

IF you shoot Nikon, Contax, or Kiev rangefinders, get these bargain priced Voigtlander lenses before they are discontinued and become instant collector's items!  Opps, TOO Late!   The SL12's are definitely collectors items!

SC212.jpg (1298235 bytes)

Ideal companions for SC Voigtlanders are the Voigtlander silicon VC meter and double accessory shoe.  The VC meter is available in either silver or black.   Use the Type B  accessory shoe for Nikon rangefinders, the Type C shoe is needed for Contax rangefinders to clear the higher knobs.   In my opinion the VC meter is much easier to use, more sensitive, and more accurate than Nikon's vintage clip on meters.   NOTE:  The VC meter was replaced by the more compact VC II meter.  The double accessory shoes are discontinued.

Voigtlander SC Front Lens Caps

Happily there is a great deal of front lens cap interchangeability between the various Voigtlander SC lenses  

  • The SC 21/4, 25/4, 28/3.5, 35/2.5 and 50/2.5 S and 85/3.5 S ALL have the same 50mm push on metal lens cap.  It also fits the Voigtlander 12/5.6, 35/1.7, 75/2.5, and 90/3.5 Leica Screw Mount lenses.

  • The  50/3.5 S Heliar lens 40mm push on front cap also fits the Voigtlander 50/3.5 101st Anniversary Heliar and 50/3.5 Nickel Heliar Leica Screw mount lenses.

  • The 50/1.5 S Nokton 60mm push on front cap interchanges with the Leica screw mount Voigtlander 50/1.5. 

SC Lenses Discontinued March 2007

I am sad to say the Voigtlander SC lenses are DISCONTINUED and are now on CLOSEOUT SALE. 

Once gone, in my opinion the SC lenses will become collectibles due to the fact they are the only modern lens line created for Classic Nikon and Contax Rangefinder -- get them while you can!  

The Voigtlander SL 12mm & 15mm -- Adapted Widest Lenses for Nikon & Contax Rangefinder

SL 12/5.6 and 15/4.5 Aspherical in Nikon Mirror Lock up Mount, to fit Nikon F/F2 as well as Nikon, Contax (not G series), Leica Screw Mount, and Leica M mount Rangefinders via necessary adapters. 

Shown above are the now discontinued and hard to find Voigtlander SL 12/5.6 mounted on a Nikon SP and Voigtlander SL 15/4.5 mounted on a Nikon F2.  This non-retro focus Voigtlander 12mm lens is the widest non fish eye ever made for either Nikon Rangefinder or Nikon SLRs.  These are the same non-retro focus optics as Voigtlander's Leica screw mount lenses, but produced in Nikon F mount designed for mirror lock up, with higher standards of finish and machining than the Leica screw lenses. The SL 12 and 15 look like they came off a production line in the late 1950's during the rangefinder's golden era.   SPECS:  SL 12/5.6, f/stop range 5.6 to 22, half click stops, close focus .3 meters,  SL 15/5.6 f/stop range 4.5 to 22, close focus to .3 meters.  Finders and  front/rear caps included with lenses.  Optional are the Nikon F Accessory shoe, F-S adapter (SOLD OUT) , and F-L adapter.  See Separate Page  



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