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VC II meter announced at Photokina 2004 9/20/2004

The Voigtlander VC Meter II   Order HERE 

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Leica IIIf with 50/1.5 Summarit and Voigtlander VCII Meter

The new improved Voigtlander VC II Meter is arguably the most useful single accessory for classic meterless cameras.  Small, lightweight, and easy to use, it will help get many closet retirees back into picture taking.  Note that it is an especially good choice for 99% of all meterless rangefinder cameras, including Leica M's, Leica Screw mounts, Nikon Rangefinders, Contax Rangefinders, and Canon Rangefinders.  Lots of cameras?  No problem!  Just transfer the VC II to your shooter that day!  The VC Meter II is an updated VC Meter I, one of Voigtlander's most popular products. 

How does the meter work? Quite well!  1) insert the two batteries into the improved easier to open battery compartment 2) set film speed by rotating the f/stop dial by the knob on top of dial, so your film speed appears in the window  3) push orange meter switch on back of meter -- meter stays on about 10 seconds after you let go of switch 4) rotate meter  f/stop and or shutter speed dials until the green LED lights up.  5) transfer meter reading to your camera.  Real world, this is an easy to use fast working meter. 

You have your choice of silver or black chrome.   The chrome version looks right at home on classic Leica, Nikon, Contax, and Canon rangefinders.  Operation is easy.  Set the film speed, push the button on the back of the meter, adjust the dials until the center LED lights up.  The meter shuts off after 10 seconds to save batteries. 

The foot of the meter can be moved into two positions for either Leica cameras or classic Nikon/Contax rangefinders by unscrewing the three screws.  The hinged push open battery compartment is a nice improvement over the previous screw in battery cap, which was mysteriously programmed to fall to the floor and hide behind furniture. 

Cosmetically the Voigtlander VC Meter II  is styled much like original factory equipment on many classic cameras.   You have a choice of silver or black chrome.  The VC II is pictured above mounted on an Leica M3 with the double accessory shoe and 28/35 Minifinder.

The VC II mounts directly in the accessory shoe.   The VC II works well with the discontinued  VC Double Accessory shoe allows you to mount the meter side by side with your choice of finders.  IF YOU CAN FIND THEM, as shown in the photo above,  the VC Meter II can easily combine with the discontinued  Voigtlander 28/35 Mini-Finder and discontinued Double Accessory shoe.  This is a particularly attractive combination on many classic rangefinder cameras including all Leica Screw Mount cameras, Leica M2/M3/M4, Nikon S, S2, S3, SP,  classic Zeiss Contax I, II, IIa, and all Canon Leica Screw Mount rangefinders.   Unfortunately all 3 types of double accessory shoes are discontinued and sold out.  

So far as I know, this is the smallest add on meter ever made for classic rangefinder cameras, of any make.  While both the old and new VC meters weigh in at 42 grams, the new meter measures 42.5Wx37Lx19.5H vs. 38W x36.9Lx24.9H in mm.  The big size reduction is 5mm in height.  The chrome version is a fairly close match to the chrome used on many classic cameras, including Leica and Nikon.   Above the VC II is pictured on a Leica M3 and on a Zeiss Contax IIa.

ALSO Introduced with the VC Meter II at Photokina 2004 were the new Voigtlander 40/1.4 M mount lens, and two new Voigtlander Leica M mount rangefinder cameras, the Bessa R2A and R3A. 

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