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 1000mm f/6.3 Black Nikon Rangefinder Lens

with Nikon Reflex Housing and Black Nikon S2

The RAREST production Nikon Rangefinder Lens 

100cm/6.3 Nikkor serial numbers are believed to have started at 100631, making 100634 an extremely early example of the Type 1 100cm lens.  The lens shade is reversible for storage and has no machined slot for it on the lens barrel.  The large front lens cap which fits on the lens barrel, not the lens shade, is made of leather.  Imagine the difficulty of replacing this lens cap if you lose it!  Collectors usually refer to this lens as the "1000/6.3" even though its filter ring says "100cm.


 The case is unusually large as it allows lens transport with a reflex housing and camera attached.  Unlike the later F mount lenses, there is no rear reversible "salad bowl" rear cap.


The right rear of the lens has a rotating selection of neutral density filters for equivalent exposures of f/6.3 to f/22.  The left side has a similar rotating selection of UV L39, yellow Y52, orange O56, or red R60 filters. Notice the straight plunger towards the front of the reflex housing, and the double cable release going from the reflex housing to the camera.   The photog pushed down the front cable release, which raised the mirror, activating the 2nd cable release which released the camera's shutter.  

the long lever locks the reflex housing onto the lens


 Focusing is accomplished with the bellows, by moving the reflex housing in and out.

The white spot inward of the J in Japan shows the apparent de-silvering on the back of the front mirror. It measures about 3mm across, and is invisible when looking on the ground glass.


1000/6.3's are not complete without the carrying case, lens hood, and huge leather front lens cap.

 See 1000/6.3 in Nikon F Mount

The Two Rarest Production Nikon Rangefinder Lenses

According to Bob Rotoloni's four decades old research of reported Nikon rangefinder lens numbers, the rarest production Nikon rangefinder lens is a bit of a surprise, the all black 50/2 made for the black Nikon S2 (mounted here on the reflex housing with the 1000/6.3).  So far, Bob's research shows the rarest lenses as:

  1. the 50/2 All Black with only "5 or 6 verified"

  2. the 1000/6.3 Black with "10 possibly" produced 

  3. the 1000/6.3 Grey "38 possibly, factory says 48 total 1000/6.3 production" in Nikon RF mount.  The grey 1000/6.3 was also produced in Nikon F mount.

However I owned two of the reported "5 or 6 verified" all black 50/2's without even seeking them out.  Both arrived  on black Nikon S2's.  I suspect many all black 50/2's were not reported because 1) collectors did not realize their rarity and 2) many were separated from the bodies and resold as "nothing special."  As more of the all black 50/2's are recognized and reported to Bob,  the black 1000/6.3 almost certainly will take over the number one spot as the rarest production Nikon Rangefinder lens.   My definition of production is a lens that could be ordered by the public to be sold to the public, not some prototype sitting in the Nikon museum.

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