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Tom Abrahamsson Lens Hood for the Nikkor 50/1.1

Production: 26 - Lower Production than the Original Nikkor 1.1 Shade combined with Much Better Design and Construction.  SOLD OUT future collectible!  

January 2009 UPDATE:  Tom is taking orders on the 2nd production run of his 50/1.1 lens hoods.  $750 each.  Email me to get on the waiting list.


The original lens hood for the fabled Nikon Rangefinder 50/1.1 is extremely rare, actually much rarer than the very rare 50/1.1 lens.  The easily broken plastic version can sell for upwards of $2500 in mint condition, the harder to find metal version for upwards of $3500 to dedicated  Nikon Rangefinder collectors tired of looking for the all but unobtainable.  Vancouver's Tom Abrahamsson of Rapidwinder fame decided to remedy the situation by making a new and much superior hood.  He accomplished the task splendidly, producing a much superior lens hood for those lucky  enough to own the 50/1.1.   Tom produced 26 of the new hoods, which fit  all 3 versions of the Nikkor 1.1: internal NRF mount, external NRF mount, and Leica Screw mount.  More 50/1.1 info

Tom started with the dimensions of the original hood, and then of course redesigned it.  He is after all, an industrial designer by trade -- as well as an accomplished  photojournalist.  Instead of a fixed mount, he make a two piece mount so that the hood could be affixed to via a nylon tipped set screw.   Instead of easily broken plastic or thin metal, Tom started with a SINGLE piece of aerospace aluminum alloy which is then machined on a precision CNC milling machine.   The result is by far the best and most rugged Nikkor 50/1.1 shade ever.

The mounting ring is attached to the lens first, allowing quick mounting and removal of the shade with the set screw.



In cooperation with Bob Rotoloni of the Nikon Historical Society, Tom  produced a NHS 20 year commemorative shade introduced in the 20th anniversary issue of the Journal of the Nikon Historical Society in March 2003.   The shade pictured here is one of 10 pre-production examples.  It is differentiated from the production version by virtue of its 20% larger NHS logo and lettering.   The shade is easily reversed on the lens for carrying, and even mounts the original lens cap.


The interior of the shade has MACHINED grooves, the Rolls Royce of lens shades.  Unlike the original shade, this new heavy duty shade can probably be safely dropped on concrete without any functional damage, except perhaps to the concrete.


Original Nikon 50/1.1 plastic hood, case, box, Nikkor 50/1.1 external mounted on Shintaro painted Nikon SP, 1.1 lens case, caps, and the new Abrahamsson 50/1.1 NHS hood.

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