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Long Nikon Rangefinder Lenses to Bronica Adapter

Nikon's first 35mm  cameras were rangefinders, introduced in 1946.    The Nikon SLR did not come along until the Nikon F of 1959.       The long rangefinder lenses (longer than 135)  were used with the Nikon Reflex housing attached to the rangefinder body.   It was a device similar to the Leica Visoflex and  converted the rangefinder into  a   primitive SLR to use the long Nikkors: the 180/2.5, 250/4, 350/4.5, 500/5 and 1000/6.3.

ANYWAY, these long Nikkors had a comparatively short mount to allow for all the space of the Reflex Housing.  Starting in 1958 Nikon produced the lenses for the Bronica, Japan's first 2 1/4 system SLR.   Someone had the bright idea to make an adapter to allow the long Nikkors to be used on the early Bronica.   Son of a Gun, eh Son of Nippon Kogaku, it worked!    Oddly enough, the longer than 135 Rangefinder Nikkors covered 6x6!!     Of course they also had the idea of making the same lenses in original Bronica mounts!  Holy Sweden, an instant pro system!

bronnrfb.jpg (9296 bytes)      bronnrfa.jpg (7145 bytes)

With the rare adapter pictured above, you can mount the Reflex Housing Nikkors on your Bronica.   But don't rush out looking for the adapter, thinking you will get some cheap Bronica lenses.  The adapter is very hard to find, and the Nikkors in Rangefinder mount are MUCH more expensive than the same in Bronica mount.  oh well.

Alas, there is another catch as well.   According to Bronica literature, these little beauties only work properly on the earliest Bronica's: the Z, D and S.

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