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Voigtlander Bessa T Telemetro  

Unique inexpensive compact lightweight M camera with long rangefinder base and the ONLY M camera with built in diopter adjustment in the rangefinder!

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Voigtlander Bessa T or updated IIIf ?

OK, suppose you love the classic Leica IIIf, but want to update it.  How would you do that ?

  • Add TTL Metering

  • Change the Screw mount to M mount

  • Easy back door loading

  • Increase top speed to 1/2000th and flash sync to 1/125th

  • Change knob advance and rewind to faster levers

  • Optional bottom trigger winder  that can be added or taken off the camera at any time without removing the film -- unlike the IIIf trigger winder

  • Bigger, brighter Rangefinder image with built in diopter adjustment

  • Modern full lens lineup with multi-coated optics 

  • Economically priced so most photogs can afford it

Hmmm.   The Bessa T has all of these features..... did Mr. Kobayashi have the Leica IIIf in mind when he designed the T? The major conceptual difference between them is the 50 finder.   The IIIf's body has a built in 50 finder, but  uses auxiliary finders for all other lenses.     The T has no built in finder, and uses add on finders for ALL   lenses.....but remember the T's add on 50 brightline is better than the IIIf's built in 50 finder.  Hmmm.   The Bessa T was discontinued 5/1/2004.


Yet another way to look at the T is as a M mount Bessa L with a long base rangefinder added. hmm.

The Voigtlander Bessa T has a special place in Leica M mount camera history.

First of all, the Bessa T is a  unique camera design utilizing a built in rangefinder without a built in viewfinder.  It is the ONLY Leica M mount camera with a built in diopter adjustment for the rangefinder.  It is the ONLY Leica M mount camera with a meter readout visible from the top of the camera, making it ideal for low angle and Visoflex applications.  It is the 1st mechanical shutter Leica M mount camera not built in cooperation with Leica.  It is the least expensive Leica M mount camera ever made.  It is the first Leica M mount camera made by Cosina Voigtlander.  All in all, not a bad list of achievements for Mr. K's 1st M!

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