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Voigtlander SL II Series Manual Focus SLR Lenses
Nikon, Pentax & Canon EOS mounts chipped for film or DSLRs!!  
 20/3.5, 28/2.8, 40/2, 58/1.4 and 90/3.5

 the 40/2 & 58/1.4 Nikon mount lenses remain in production -- while some are still in stock, all other SL II lenses are discontinued

Click Here for Discontinued SL I Lens INFO


Manual focus Voigtlander SL Series II for DSLRs: The big news compared to the Series I lenses is the CPU matrix metering chip in the new SL-II mounts -- a first for Voigtlander.    The availability of new quality prime lenses will be HUGE deal for SLR fans, since most manufacturers have discontinued many single focal length prime lenses.



New Manual Focus Voigtlander SL II 20/3.5 Aspherical Color- Skopar




Chipped for Digital SLRs!    Order HERE


  • Manual focus Small Compact Sized 20mm Wide Angle

  • Full Frame Coverage

  • 52mm Filters

  • Aperture f/3.5 to F/22

  • 9 Elements in 6 Groups, the rearmost element is aspheric

  • 9 Aperture Blades for more pleasing bokeh

  • Nearest Focus .2 Meter -- unusually close for a 20mm lens!

  • Measurements:  63mm Diameter, length 28.8mm

  • Nikon version weighs only 7oz!

  • Optional LH-20 screw in metal lens hood 

  • Angle of view 94 degrees, full 35mm frame

  • The Nikon version is chipped for digital Nikon SLRs, but is also backwardly compatible with all Nikon film cameras taking manual focus AI or AIS lenses.

  • 1st SL II Version has rubber focusing grip - all metal focusing grip in SL II N for EOS and Nikon AIS

  • 1st SL II Version produced in Pentax KA mount which was not continued in SL II N version - Pentax mount sold out





NEW ASPHERICAL 28/2.8 SLIIN Color-Skopar for Nikon and Canon EOS 

Announced Feb 2012 -- 

 Nikon AIS Mount or Canon EOS Mount $479  Order HERE

Nikon AIS Mount SL IIN 28/2.8 52mm Lens Cap provided with lens.  43mm Lens Cap provided with optional dome LH-28N Lens Hood



Canon EOS Mount SL II 28/2.8



  • Just Arrived!

  • Manual Focus Aspherical 28mm,  this promises to be a super sharp lens!

  • F/stop range 2.8 to 22

  • Dome Type Lens hood LH-28N for full frame domed lens hood with click on cap

  • Dome Type Lens hood LH-40N for APS-C Sensors

  • Filter size 52mm

  • Close focus .22 Meter, 1:5.0 magnification

  • Weight 180 grams AIS, 230 grams EOS

  • 7 elements in 6 groups, double sided aspherical element

  • 9 aperture blades

  • HMM.  The LH-28N lens hood has STANDARD 52mm threads. I wonder what other 52mm filter thread lenses it can be used on ???????????



Manual Focus Voigtlander SLII 40/2 Ultron Aspherical Version 1

Pancake Lens with Close Up Lens  Order HERE

(1st SL II Version replaced by SL II N in Nikon AIS and Canon EOS - SAME  Glass)

 Pentax KA Mount  $449

Chipped for Digital SLRs! 











Manual Focus Voigtlander SLII N 40/2 Ultron Aspherical

Nikon AIS Mount or Canon EOS Mount $449  Order HERE

Manual Focus Pancake Lens with Close Up Lens 

Chipped for Digital SLRs! 



Voigtlander SL II N 40/2 Ultron in Canon EOS mount with front cap, close-up lens, and dome lens hood



Notice the all metal focusing barrel - the difference between the Series II and the Series II N


Manual Focus Voigtlander SLII 58/1.4 Nokton Version 1


  Nikon AIS - Version 1 with rubber focusing grip discontinued and sold out

Chipped for Digital SLRs! Outstanding Performance!  

 58/1.4 = 85/1.4 on smaller format Nikon DSLRs 


The Nokton 58/1.4 is a revised version of Cosina's 2003 limited edition 58/1.4 Topcor -- a quick sell out with only 1600 available world wide. 

With its beautiful image quality, it went on to become a highly sought favorite in the Japanese home market.     





Manual Focus Voigtlander SLIIN 58/1.4 Nokton Version



same glass as earlier SL II Version, but now with all metal focusing barrel  -- introduced April 2012   58/1.4 Nokton   Nikon AIS

 58/1.4 = 85/1.4 on smaller format Nikon DSLRs 

Chipped for Digital SLRs! 


New SL II N 58/1.4 Nikon AIS, same glass as previous version, different focusing barrel

The LH-58N Lens hood now includes a front cap which fits over it, and will also fit the previous version 58mm lenses


New SL II N on left, Previous SL II version on right: same optics in both


New Classic Version Voigtlander 58/1.4 SLIIS Noktons IN STOCK $599


ORDER HERE                                                      ORDER HERE

The Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4 is exceptional and is in my opinion probably the BEST performing 50mm to 58mm f/1.4 lens EVER produced in Nikon F mount by any lens maker.

Non AI, AIS & chipped metering for practically ALL Nikon SLRs, easily adaptable to all mirrorless cameras with the appropriate adapter


The SLIIS versions are styled like classic 1960's Nikkor lenses.   They have a NAI aka Non AI metering prong for the earliest Nikon SLRs, AIS metering for 1980's Nikon SLRs,

and metering chips for the latest Nikon DSLRs.   This new version has the same glass as the previous SLIIN version. 

The differences are the lens barrels, smaller 52mm filter ring, NAI metering prong, and a new 58LHs lens hood with push on metal lens cap.




75/1.8 Classic Heliar for Nikon AIS and Canon EOS 

Production Undecided



 Manual Focus Nikon AIS and Canon EOS EF mounts ONLY, f/1.8 to f/16, 6 elements in 3 groups, same glass as the popular 75/1.8 in Leica M mount, close focus to 1:7.4, filter size 58mm, weight 415 grams, lens hood sold separately, 9 aperture blades, Nikon : 56.5mm & diameter 67mm, EOS length 57mm and diameter 71.4mm. (Nikon mount shown above).  Announced Feb 12, 2011.    Personally I would like to see this lens available, however it has not received the final go ahead for production.  


Manual Focus Voigtlander 90/3.5 SLII APO-Lanthar 

the SL II 90/3.5 is discontinued and sold out for Pentax and Nikon mounts, but still in stock for Canon EOS

Lens Hood and Close UP Lens INCLUDED!

$579 for Canon EOS  Order HERE

Outstanding Performance! 


  • Manual focus full frame lens in Nikon AIS, Canon EOS, or Pentax KA mounts, chipped for digital DSLRs

  • The SL II 90/3.5 is discontinued in all mounts, and was not continued in the SL II N series

  • 6 Elements in 5 groups

  • f/3.5 to f/22

  • filter size 52mm

  • Close focus to 50cm or 1:3.5 without close-up lens

  • Close focus to 32cm or 1:1.8 by mounting close up lens (included)

  • Compact size 48.2mm (Nikon AIS) 320grams (Nikon AIS)

  • Close Up Lens, Lens Hood and Lens Hood Extension ALL Included with Lens

  • One version only, with rubber focusing grip


1) Lens Hood Extension 2) Lens Hood 3) Close-up Filter Mounted on Lens Hood 4) Lens Hood Removed to Mount 52mm Filters

Voigtlander SLII 90/3.5 APO mounted on Nikon D200 and Nikon F2AS




the classic Pentax LX with the Voigtlander SLII 58/1.4, 20/3.5, and 40/2 lenses



Alas, the long rumored Voigtlander SL II 4-10,000/f.7 SuperSized NoctNoct lens is not yet ready for the marketplace.  Unconfirmed reports say the lone megalens prototype was blown over by high winds, unfortunately destroying Nagano's 1998 Winter Olympic Stadium.


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