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Bessa Trigger Winder $229  Order HERE


What's a Trigger Winder?   It's a mechanical bottom lever film advance, an idea first used by Leica in the 1930's.  Mechanical, that's right, NO batteries.   The Voigtlander Trigger Winder is just another way to advance the film.  You still use the top mounted shutter release.  With practice you can shoot 3 frames per second without the battery dependency of a motordrive.   The Voigtlander Trigger Winder fits the Bessa T, R2, R2S, R2C, R2A, R2M, R3A, R3M, R4A, R4M and the Bessaflex.  It will not mount on the Bessa L or R.   The Trigger winder attaches easily and removes quickly via the bottom screw to the camera baseplate.   You can reload the camera with the Trigger Winder attached.  It has two tripod sockets, as well as a lower strap lug which allows vertical  mounting of the camera strap.

If you are left eyed, you will probably find the Trigger Winder much more convenient than hitting your forehead with the right handed lever film advance.  The Trigger Winder also provides a comfortable grip, as well as strap lugs for mounting the camera vertically rather than horizontally.   Some  photogs prefer adding  the vertical Grip B, which provides a  palm rest while using the Trigger Winder -- just like a similar grip for classic Canon rangefinder trigger wind advances.   Grip B screws into the tripod socket at the end of the winder baseplate.     Try the Trigger Winder,  you might be surprised. 

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